Custom bands TLTs

RADAR/IFF front-ends

Redundancy topologies (1+1, 2+1)

Topologies: Baseplate, rack,…

Tx bands LNBs

UAV Datalinks

X band up & down converters for submarines

X&Ka band manpack RF solutions

X&Ka RF for SOTM solutions

ATEX: Explosive environments

Your challenge

Confidentiality agreements do not permit the company to present the challenging solutions provided worldwide to its customers, among which there are several international space agencies, defense ministries from several continents and large system integrators.

Nevertheless, we can share with you that ACORDE designs, develops and manufactures RF front-ends for satellite communications systems for all frequency bands: from S band up to Ka band, in which the company is a world reference, or even Q-band.

ACORDE's RF equipment features the latest control technology, ranging from a simple hand-held system up to remote control systems via IP (offering a wide number of possible protocols, such as Telnet, SNMP, SSH, etc.). Alarm monitoring and the intelligent control of equipment operations are performed via proprietary software, adaptable to the customer control requests.

The experience and skills of ACORDE staff has led to the adaptation of designs to on-board environments, such as submarines or UAVs where these custom RF solutions operate at full performance.

The use of advanced thermal and circuit simulators, combined with the experience of ACORDE designers in circuit modeling, provides control over the design stage, based on simulations, which increases the reliability and accuracy of the products under development.

Equipment is also certified, at customers' request, in accordance with the MIL-STD-810F (environmental testing) and MIL-STD-461E (electromagnetic compatibility) U.S. military standards.

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